The Solarcontainer areas of application
and use cases are wide-ranging

Regardless of whether it is a limited energy supply, a lack of a foundation, strict time management or limited liquidity - our Solarcontainer always offers the right solution:

Specifically this means among other things, the use in:

Agriculture and watermanagment

Additional solar power supply for self-consumption to support existing generators

Remote charging

Powering temporary off-grid charging stations

Construction sites and industrial areas

Additional source of power forlarge and small construction sites


Provision of off-grid remote areas

Events and

Venues without a grid connection or to cover large peak loads.


Support weak public network in time of increased energy consumption

Communities and refugee villages

Solar power supply for self-consumption with excess feed-in into the local grid

Mining and military application

Island power plant for grid-independent solar power supply in combination with energy storage

To take advantage:

Fast assembly and disassembly of the entire solar power system
Purchase, rental or leasing option
High level of system security thanks to rapid retraction/extension of the module arrays in the event of weather warnings
Generation of clean renewable energy
Factory pre-assembled and wired module arrays
Conveyor system for quickly moving in and out of the module fields
The system can be expanded as required
Rail system suitable for flexible ballasting, depending on wind loads
Flexible usage and application possibilities
Reduction of diesel consumption
Minimising energy costs
Image improvement through the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly energy
Investment to achieve high returns

Entire PV power plants can be implemented with a Solarcontainer solution

The mobile solar system has
a practical dual benefit

For example, the empty parking spaces for mountain railways can be used to generate electricity in summer and quickly released for cars again at the start of the ski season. The solar container can remain in place during this time and takes up only a few parking spaces. When the winter season is over, it can quickly be used again to generate electricity.

This is just one of many possible application scenarios for our mobile solar containers. Do you have something else in mind for the Containerphotovoltaik? Whether you want to use solar energy to power your home, business, or something else entirely, our containers are the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about how our mobile solar containers can work for you.

In case of off-grid solutions, the Solarcontainer must be combined with a battery or a diesel generator

These then take over the function
of the network former

Diesel aggregates are connected to the inverter, thus ensuring a stable power grid with 50Hz (60Hz UL Standard). For more information, please contact our support for a personal and customized explanation of the possibilities.

In order to be able to use the high PV output when there are no hours of sunshine, the Solarcontainer can also be used in combination with an energy storage device.

We are already working on a system that is ideally suited to our Solarcontainer. For technical details and requirements, our competent team will be happy to help and advise you and will explain detailed product information to you.

Solar Container on the truck

Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us!

With the mobile solar system there is always and everywhere the possibility of environmentally friendly energy production.

Faster and more flexible access to green energy generation - our contribution to environmental protection!

The smooth integration of the mobile photovoltaic system into existing systems can help to reduce or even avoid the negative aspects of existing components:

The running time of diesel engines can be shortened during the day, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, operating costs are reduced and maintenance intervals are extended.
Energy storage or buffer systems can be charged in an environmentally friendly way during the hours of sunshine.
The same applies to the hot water tank and heating in times of high PV output
All devices used to generate energy can be throttled or shut down during the operating time of the photovoltaic system and thus protected
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