Solarcontainer simply explained: innovative and alternative power supply

The Solarcontainer represents a grid-independent solution as a mobile solar plant. Especially in remote areas it can guarantee a stable energy supply or support or almost replace a public grid with strong power fluctuations, as well as diesel generators that are used.

The use of multiple modules to increase the solar yield offers flexible scaling of the system, which can also be combined with battery systems and other energy storage devices.

The mobility of the Solarcontainer opens a wide range of usage possibilities:

Short or long term usage

Options for short-term or long-term use with a high level of plant safety for extreme weather conditions.

Remote areas

In remote areas, it can ensure a stable energy supply or support a public grid with strong power fluctuations, as well as diesel generators that are used.

Modular system

The use of several modules to increase the solar yield offers flexible scaling of the system, which can also be combined with battery systems and other energy storage systems.

Solarcontainer explained:
What it really can do

In transport state, the mobile PV system initially appears like a standardized container frame with lots of material inside.

This is mainly due to the well thought-out and modular system, which is based on the dimensions of an ISO 668 standardized container and thus ensures uncomplicated transport. A CSC badge is of course also provided.


A container filled with solar panels

These panels are part of the ingenious folding system with which they can be pulled out of the container quickly and easily using the innovative solar rails and can be spread over a total length of 120m (60m per side). This results in a maximum possible solar area of ​​around 720m². This concept of two-sided unfolding allows shorter cable lengths between panels and the inverter and thus increases the efficiency of the energy generation.

The special container only functions as a transport, packaging and security unit for the largely pre-assembled photovoltaic system. In this way, the shell of the solar panels is completely unfolded. After the rail system and the conveyor unit have been installed, the container is practically no longer visible once the fully wired module frames have been extended. This property makes it possible for the container not to cast a shadow on the mobile photovoltaic system.


Unfolded panels lenght


Number of PV modules


Surface area coverage


Up to 5 hours of assembly time


Up to power generating capability

Fixed and secured transport with twist-lock system

The solar container is lifted using the corner corners in the roof frame. With these in the base frame, the module can be fixed and secured during transport using the twist-lock system.

Rail system assembly without drilling

The solar rail system consists of individual segments that are used during construction connected to the fixed, centrally arranged container floor. These can be laid quickly, regardless of the floor class and without drilling.

Robust, hot-dip galvanized steel construction

The robust, hot-dip galvanized steel construction of the rail system and themodule frame constructions Due to their own weight, they already offer sufficient protection against lifting or shifting due to wind loads.

Ballast stones for a stable rail system

For increased wind loads, appropriate ballast stones can be placed on the rail system without any problems and the system can thus be additionally secured. After predicting extreme weather conditions, such as high wind loads or snow, the entire module area can be folded up, secured on the central container floor and taken out of service within minutes.

Solarcontainer transport system

Quality and security

Each individual Solarcontainer is pre-assembled in the factory by trained specialists under continuous quality control and subjected to a final check before delivery.

The traceability of all Solarcontainer components can be guaranteed at all times. Spare parts are kept in stock and can be delivered quickly if required.

Purposes of the

The areas of application and use cases are wide-ranging. This results in very general use cases such as:

Provision of an off-grid solution
Support weak public network
Support for existing energy generators

The solar container can be used for short-term use at events, for longer use, for example over the summer months, or as a long-term solution. To cover the wide range of requirements, we make a fundamental distinction between an ON-grid system, which relies on an existing power grid, and an OFF-grid system, which forms its own grid completely independently.

An ON-Grid system can be used for your own power supply with excess feed-in to the local power grid, or to support existing power grids, for example to reduce high diesel consumption or to cover high peaks. The ON-Grid system is used in combination with other energy generators and is suitable for use in private individuals, in agriculture, on construction sites, in hotels, in energy communities, in municipalities or even in industry. An OFF-Grid system generates its own island grid and is not dependent on a public power grid. It is mostly used for remote off-grid locations, in combination with energy storage and other generators. Possible locations are therefore remote villages, development and crisis areas, mining, venues or deployments in extreme weather events.

Energy Storage

In order to be able to use the high PV output when there is limited sun exposure, the solar container can also be used in combination with an energy storage device.

Power Generator

Especially in completely self-sufficient applications, diesel aggregates are often used as power generators. These offer a reliable and constant power supply, and thanks to increasingly advanced systems, noise and exhaust emissions are kept within limits.


Only the highest quality components are used in the mobile PV system and we carefully examine them in advance. The inverter used has an advanced cooling system, which ensures reliable operation with ideal energy generation even at high outside temperatures and direct sunlight. Our customers benefit from stable operation without having to take any further measures.

Advantages of the

Our Solarcontainer is currently the largest, mobile solar power plant unit with the highest power density on the market

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainably produced and brought to the place of use without increased effort, the concept of sustainable energy generation and use of renewable energies only really picks up speed after commissioning. With the mobile solar system there is always and everywhere the possibility of environmentally friendly energy production.

The running time no longer plays a role. If the system is no longer needed or has to be moved to another location, this can be done in just a few hours. Faster and more flexible access to green energy generation - our contribution to environmental protection!

Easy Transportation

The Solarcontainer can easily be transported worldwide. Proven cargo systems by train, truck or ship can be used cost-effectively and clearly to bring the mobile photovoltaic system to your desired location.

Dimensions of a 20f HC Container with CSC and the necessary lifting and fixing points on the corner corners - with us, the transport of a photovoltaic system of this size is smooth!

Easy Installation

Our mobile photovoltaic system is already wired ready to plug in and is therefore plug and playing one day ready to use.

Another big advantage is the automatic conveyor system, which retracts all PV panels back to their original transport position and thus assumes a safe position in the event of imminent bad weather. The "container" is no longer visible after installation. This achieves maximum power density.

The Unfolding and folding of the solar elements happens extremely convenient and uncomplicated via an automatic conveyor system.

Low Maintenance Work

The Solarcontainer proves to be extremely low-maintenance. The optimally coordinated angle of inclination ensures maximum energy generation and still enables a self-cleaning effect of the solar panels.

Since the maintenance work that needs to be done can vary greatly depending on the installation site, we will provide you with individual information here.

Synergy effects with
other devices

The smooth integration of the mobile photovoltaic system into existing systems can help to reduce or even avoid the negative aspects of existing components:

The running time of diesel engines can be shortened during the day, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, operating costs are reduced and maintenance intervals are extended.
Energy storage or buffer systems can be charged in an environmentally friendly way during the hours of sunshine.
The same applies to the hot water tank and heating in times of high PV output
All devices used to generate energy can be throttled or shut down during the operating time of the photovoltaic system and thus protected
Solar Container on the truck

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