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Order a Solarcontainer?

Are you interested in our Solarcontainer? Great! We will be happy to advise you on your purchase. We will answer all your questions individually and gladly take your order.

We are specialized in helping companies, institutions and trade partners with the planning and integration of solar solutions.

Buying mobile solar panels?
This is how the buying process works!

Our Solarcontainer is already configured, which makes the purchase very simple and clear for you. You will receive all important information about the product before the purchase and our competent sales team will clarify details about the planned use with you.

If you need an individual solution - for example, a shortened system length - we are also available to provide advice and assistance.

Among other things, tips on the correct installation, information on the combination with existing systems or a preview of the expected energy production will be calculated.

Contact inquiry

You can send us your request either via our contact form, by mail or by phone.

Before it comes to the purchase, you will receive detailed and comprehensive support by one of our solar professionals.

Therefore, please plan some time for your purchase decision and the ordering process. We want you to be able to make informed decisions at all times.

Customized production

The container size, as well as the number and type of solar panels used, is fixed and thus cannot be changed. As we continuously develop and improve our products, the performance of the technology will also increase over time.

An inverter, which converts the generated energy into usable electricity, is essential for the commissioning of the Solarcontainer. We have chosen the perfect product for this and sell it together with our mobile solar system.

Delivery & Installation

By using global cargo systems we are able to deliver worldwide! The provision takes place by truck, rail or by ship. Due to the dimensions of a standard container, no special transport is required. Installation and assembly are also simple:

For unloading, only a sufficiently strong crane is required, which can lift the Solarcontainer with its 19 tons deadweight to the planned installation site. The unfolding of the PV panels runs fully automatically.

Receive a customized offer!

Contact us and receive your individual offer within the next few days! Even if there are no different models or equipment for the Solarcontainer itself, our trained sales team will support you in using our product in the best possible way. The application possibilities and conditions of a mobile photovoltaic system are individual in each case.

Together with you, we will determine whether and to what extent the Solarcontainer is profitable for your application, whether it might even make sense to have several systems, whether there are already existing possibilities for energy storage and which processes can be optimized and adapted to the most effective operation of the Solarcontainer.

For an optimal consultation, we recommend a free and non-binding phone call with our experts. Often, during such discussions, completely new possibilities arise which have not been considered so far.

The production of environmentally friendly green electricity in the sunny hours is only one part of a complex system of energy management.

With a well thought-out time control, the coupling of the Solarcontainer with an existing infrastructure or also the protection of the plant with our partner Allianz, the costs incurred can be further reduced.

A 20f high cube container frame with a total of 240 mobile solar panels

Solar panels are located on a clever folding system and can be quickly and easily deployed and brought into operating position via the PV rail system.

Fully unfolded, this results in over 600m² of pure solar area, with no visible residue from the container structure.

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